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Recent updates - Dum dum hotfix
Hotfix Update Fixes issue where game would not apply theme causing the game to not accept input and become unplayable...
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Hiatus incoming!
Hey everyone, I’ve been thinking on this for a little while, going back and forth on what I should do and I come to the conclusion that I’ll be putting Dung... - Time to start the world building
Welcome to the 0.1.4.X update of Dungeons of Loot. This update is relatively small due to reasons you’ll find out at the end of this post. New Things Opening...
1 file — - What do you mean it's more people?!
Dungeons of Loot 0.1.3 IS OUT!!! It’s all new things this time around and a smallish release! New Things: Limits on rooms that have chests - After playing thr...
1 file — - What do you mean it's a person?
Dungeons Of Loot 0.1.2 IS OUT!!! There are a few nice changes and bug fixes in this release! New Things: Character Graphics - The playable character now has gra...
1 file — - That small update
Welcome to v0.1.1 of Dungeons of Loot, It’s a tiny release because I’m taking a short break from gamedev. New Things: Minimap - Dungeons will now have a min...
1 file — - Story Time!
Dungeons of Loot 0.1.0 IS OUT!! all be it a day late… It’s a release and a half, with a few big changes. New Things: Flower World - Play through a specific...
1 file — - Controller and Content!
Dungeons of Loot IS OUT AND ABOUT!! It’s a small release this time and the final release of the year! I’m also reducing the early bird alpha stuff...
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Just thought I'd ask about adding support for windowed mode. Kind of a turn-off to have my whole screen taken over.
started by sibercat Apr 25, 2021
1 reply
Or any controller support, really?
started by Realms×Myths Jul 01, 2020
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I feel like an idiot, but I can't get past the title screen. I can tell the game's receiving input because I can use arr...
started by perilouspage Jun 14, 2020
1 reply
I don't get this game and I honestly don't like it. The NPCs have no names. The statues say the same things. The NPCs sa...
started by Jaegeralus Jun 06, 2020
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