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Dungeons of Loot 0.1.3 IS OUT!!!

It’s all new things this time around and a smallish release!

New Things:

  • Limits on rooms that have chests - After playing through a few times I found that having chests in every room made the game pretty pointless especially in the story mode. So I’ve made some changes and limited the amount of rooms that can have chests in them, it’s done in a way that you can still get enough to complete the dungeons in story mode etc.
  • NPCs - In each dungeon room without chests in them an NPC will spawn who you can chat to. The dialog is pretty limited at this point, but I’ll be adding more to it over the time of development.
  • Statues - In addition to the NPCs, statues have also been added, these will add more context to the world around them and the dungeons they reside in. Again like the NPCs the content is pretty limited but will be updated in over the time of this games development.

NPCs and Statues are configurable by the options menu as well, so you can turn each one on and off. As part of easing the sudden ‘All the chests disappearing’ I’ve also added the option to show on the minimap where chest rooms are.

I hope you all enjoy the new update and look out for more!


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Version May 28, 2020

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