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Dungeons Of Loot 0.1.2 IS OUT!!!

There are a few nice changes and bug fixes in this release!

New Things:

  • Character Graphics - The playable character now has graphics! More details on who they are will come out in future releases.
  • Close Options Button - It’s now possible to close the options menu using the close button.
  • Depression and Sadness - The character will ocassionally get depressed or sad whilst trawling through the dungeons.
  • Togglable Modifiers - Certain things in game can now be disabled and enabled depending on how you feel.

Bug Fixes:

  • The help message displaying certain notifications in game now doesn’t take up a large chunk of the game screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the select screen would flicker.

I hope you enjoy the new update and have a fantastic Friday/Weekend!


dungeons-of-loot-alpha.zip 25 MB
Version May 14, 2020

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