- Time to start the world building

Welcome to the 0.1.4.X update of Dungeons of Loot.

This update is relatively small due to reasons you’ll find out at the end of this post.

New Things

  • Opening Text - For each of the dungeons there’s now opening text which describes why it exists and what it might contain.
  • Visible Objectives - As part of the feedback I’d got for this, the Story Mode and Random Mode have the objectives written on the dungeon selection screen.
    • In a future update there will be smaller objectives within the dungeons themselves.


  • Limiting NPCs and Statues - In the last update I introduced NPCs and Statues, now these are limited to a select amount of rooms rather than being all over the place. This will need some balancing out as the amount of NPCs and Statues in the pool increases.
  • Sadness visibility - The sadness debuff is now a bit more visible on how long it has left and how it affects the player.


  • At some point the dungeon theme may have not matched the selected level.
  • The help message window didn’t match the current dungeon theme.

This will be the last release until the end of July, the main reason is I want to push out bigger releases and have more in them. It will also give me time between releases to work on more intensive pieces of work such as audio, building up NPCs and Statues.

I hope you enjoy this update and feel free to make some suggestions or provide some feedback.

Have a rare dog statue for good measure!


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Version Jun 11, 2020

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