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Dungeons of Loot 0.1.0 IS OUT!!

all be it a day late…

It’s a release and a half, with a few big changes.

New Things:

  • Flower World - Play through a specific set of dungeons collecting items that shed light on the world at large and some of its major figures.
  • Narrative Specific Unlocks - Get narrative specific unlocks as you play through.


  • Updated Input Support - Both keyboard and controller support has been updated for better support and having groundwork for some future updates.
  • Better Options Menu - The options menu has been updated to better match the style of the game itself.
  • Control Help - The control help now shows icons mostly based on the pad you’re using.
  • Notifications - The previous notifications system has been overhauled with showing a red indicator where you have something to look at (currently only on unlocks).

Known Issues:

  • Currently some text for the end of the narrative runs doesn’t show up, this will be fixed in the next release.
  • Sometimes it takes a few tries for the rooms to transition. I’m going to be setting aside some time to investigate this issue over the next few releases.
  • The audio level doesn’t actually change when changed in the options menu, a fix will be added in the next release.
  • The direction indicator in when in game can be missleading in that it directly points to the exit room rather than guiding you through the route.
  • There needs to be some general updates on help text etc.

Wow, there’s a fair few issues…

I have a few things lined up for the next release which will mostly be fixing issues from this one and making the dungeons easier to navigate. I’ll also be going back to my old two week release schedule for the next few months probably until the next Ludum Dare in april.

I hope you enjoy this release and don’t hesitate to leave any comments with issues etc.


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Version Jan 18, 2020

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