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Spend time sprucing up various routes in space, ready for visitors with different likes and dislikes.

Player Guide


This guide defines the A,X etc buttons on the game pads as Button South, Button West etc the general location will match up with the pad you're using.


  • Navigation: Left Stick (Controller)/W or S (Keyboard)
  • Select: South Button (Controller)/Space (Keyboard


  • Move Cursor: Left Stick (Controller)/WASD (Keyboard)
  • Place Current Object: South Button (Controller)/Space (Keyboard)
  • Remove Object: East Button (Controller)/Backspace (Keyboard)
  • Change Object: Left and Right Shoulders (Controller)/Q and E (Keyboard)
  • Allow Visitors (Start Run): Button North (Controller)/Enter (Keyboard)
  • Pause/Unpause: Start Button (Controller)/P (Keyboard)
  • Toggle Hints: Button West (Controller)/H (Keyboard)

How to play

Place any objects you like with or without the help of the provided hints and then let the visitors in! It's as simple as that no highscores, no time-limits. Just some relaxing time designing a scenic route.


Buy Now$1.25 USD or more

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The Scenic Route (Windows) 43 MB
Version 1.0.0

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