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Basecode Bits is a collection of code snippets to help with Game Jams, Comps, General Game development and beyond.

Currently all in C#.

Latest Changes:


  • Added a static helper class with a randomiser in it (Currently Untested.).

What is included so far (14/05/2016):

  • Level Object: Used for holding the data of a single level (Also includes item locations.)
  • Basic Level Generation: Generates a basic level (Floor and Walls only) using a seed. (Incomplete but works.)
  • Item Object: Used for holding item data such as Item Durability and an Effect.
  • Ghost System: Used to record a single object transform for use with showing later. (Incomplete: Missing a thing to display the ghost.)
  • Helper Class: Used for general assistance stuff like randomiser bits currently. (Rolling updates.)

What I hope to include:

  • Having a defined level border that works.
  • Expanding the CoordData and Level Object to be 3D (x, y, z) rather than 2D (x, y).

If you have any suggestions for any of the snippets or ideas for something that I could add feel free to comment below.

Also if you have any issues with the code or want help, comment below as well and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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